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03rd Aug 2023

Tarantino could be giving us a Pulp Fiction reunion for his final movie

Rory Cashin

Movie Critic

The movie will reportedly see Tarantino reuniting with an actor he hasn’t worked with in nearly 30 years.

More and more details around The Movie Critic are arriving, set to be writer/director Quentin Tarantino’s tenth and final film. Originally set to begin filming this September (before the actor’s strike put a stop to pretty much all productions in Hollywood), the overall plot and cast of the movie are still pretty much top secret, but according to a new report, Tarantino could be looking to set up a mini-Pulp Fiction reunion.

According to the movie’s IMDb page, the synopsis for the movie is as follows: “The story of an irreverent critic in 1970s California who reviews mainstream movies for a porno magazine called The Popstar Pages.

In terms of casting, as per the Daily Express, Tarantino reportedly wants Bruce Willis to feature in his final movie, which would likely also double as Willis’ final big screen outing, following his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia (FTD), revealed earlier this year.

As per the Daily Express: “Quentin hasn’t approached Bruce’s family yet – and will completely bow to their wishes if they say he’s too sick. If that’s the case, he aims to try to work a brief clip from one of Bruce’s many previous movies into the film. […] Quentin wants to pay tribute to him with a quick glimpse for his legion of fans back on the big screen where he belongs.”

The Movie Critic could see another Pulp Fiction star reunite with Tarantino

Another Pulp Fiction alumni who could be working on The Movie Critic is Samuel L. Jackson, who has appeared in six of Tarantino’s movies to date. In a recent interview with Vulture, the actor was asked if he was due to appear in The Movie Critic, to which the actor replied “No comment.”

When the interview commented that Jackson appearing in Tarantino’s final movie feels almost necessary, Jackson replied: “But when I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I mean, how many Black people are in that movie? Maybe three. It was kind of like watching Goodfellas. When I was in Goodfellas, it’s like me and somebody else.”

The interview asked if Jackson mentioned this observation to Tarantino, and he replied: “No. I’ve only seen him once since the movie came out and that was at my Oscar ceremony. He came to that. That’s the only time I’ve seen him and I wasn’t going to talk about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that night.”

Should the strike’s be ended by September and the movie sticks to its original filming start date, we should expect The Movie Critic to arrive in late 2024, just in time for that year’s Oscar season to kick off.

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