Tedfest 2020 to feature Father Damo, Eoin McLove hosting Blind Date, a Lovely Girls Competition and more 1 year ago

Tedfest 2020 to feature Father Damo, Eoin McLove hosting Blind Date, a Lovely Girls Competition and more

Heaven for Father Ted fans.

He might have no willie, but Eoin McLove isn't short of admirers. The singer of 'My Lovely Mayo Mammy' is the darling of auld ones up and down Craggy Island and he'll never run short of jumper-cakes.


On that note, he seems the perfect celebrity matchmaker at TedFest 2020 when it gets underway from Thursday, 20 February to Sunday, 23 February next year.

Elsewhere, after stealing a whistle, telling Frosty to feck off and causing a global riot by reopening the Oasis vs Blur argument, Father Damo isn't exactly a champion of truth and honesty.

We all know that Frosty is "not the boss of me" (Damo) and he's very much his own man. Basically, he's perfect to host and rule over the annual Craggy Cup on Kilronan Beach.

Oh yes, we're all going to heaven lads, waheeey! In this case, for Father Ted fans, heaven is TedFest 2020 and the comic duo of Joe Rooney (Father Damo) and Eoin McLove (Patrick McDonell) will be in attendance for this year's event.

JOE has been reliably informed that Father Damo (Joe Rooney) will finally settle the perennial argument about which band is best – Oasis or Blur.

The annual Craggy Cup on Kilronan Beach, which has been a highlight of TedFest since it began in 2007, will also be hosted by Father Damo.

If Eoin McLove can stop eating the jam for two seconds, he'll be busy hosting a Craggy Island-inspired version of Blind Date.


In terms of the other ecclesiastical craic, revellers at TedFest 2020 can expect the following when they land on Inis Mór: Copious cups of tea and sandwiches, a lot of red tank-tops, nuns on the run, priests on the pull, madcap costumes and, of course, a bishop getting a kick up the arse.

"Visitors will enjoy all the fun that Craggy Island has to offer," next year's event promises.

"While the official itinerary for TedFest 2020 hasn't been announced yet, it has been confirmed that highlights will include the annual Lovely Girls Competition, Ted's Got Talent, the Father Ted Prizeless Quiz, the Craggy Cup, Priests Dance Off, Blind Date, The Old Grey Whistle Rave – Strictly Nuns in Neon and lots more.

"The music line-up is always a triumph at TedFest and Trad for Trocaire will surely bring out the dancing priests and raise some money for a good cause that won’t just ‘rest in our account’… but the question remains… Oasis or Blur?"

For those interested, more information on the event can be found here.