The current run time for Avengers 4 is three hours long 1 year ago

The current run time for Avengers 4 is three hours long

At present, it's the longest film in the MCU.

Here's a list of things that took an eternity to happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A writer that actually managed to find a decent story arc involving the Hulk. Thanos acquiring all of the Infinity Stones - we'll cut him some slack because that whole arc was brilliantly plotted and executed... but it was long. Someone to actually kill Loki - granted, we love the little trickster, but he was flirting with disaster.

Well, bladders everywhere were tested when the magnificent Avengers: Infinity War was released because at 160 mins, it was the most enjoyable butt-numb-a-thon that you'll see in the cinema but it might lose that accolade.

This being said, it's testament to the Russo Brothers that the film rarely lagged - you know, aside from the whole bit with Peter Dinklage's gigantic dwarf - but overall, Infinity War did a perfect job of balancing 47 storylines while giving 2,432 superheroes their time to shine.

On this note, we're absolutely pumped to see what Avengers 4 has in store and after trying to decipher the title, plot and returning piles of dust cast members, we actually have a forthright answer from the directors.

At present, the running time for Avengers 4 will be three hours, as confirmed by Joe Russo via an Instagram Q&A.

Granted, we're expecting various edits to shave off a fair few minutes when it comes to the final cut, but at present, Avengers 4 will be the longest film in the MCU.

Truth be told, we'd happily spend three hours just watching Thor screaming "More power, Rabbit!" at Rocket while Drax is pretending to be invisible in the corner.

Hell, if it does end up being three hours long, surely they can bring back Korg?

Make. It. Happen.