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19th Jun 2014

“Those are fake hands!” : Ten sporting lessons that JOE has learned from Father Ted

"Father Fitzgibbon, he looked like a cup..."

Paul Moore

“Father Fitzgibbon, he looked like a cup…”

With the World Cup and GAA Championships in full swing, it’s very easy to forget about some of the golden sporting rules to follow. Like all Irish people, JOE has learned everything that we need to know from watching Father Ted.

1) Always look the part.


2) People will try and kick you when you’re down.

Clip via Meatloaf Daly

3) Discipline is important.


4) Golf is a good way to relax.


5) Get the fans behind you.

Clip via llamallama088

6) The media can be scary.


7) If in doubt… fake it.

Clip via M Maloney

8) Play to the whistle.


9) Know your enemy.

Clip via Meatloaf Daly 

10) Never forget about fair play.


Follow these steps and who knows, you may be lining out in the All-Ireland or World Cup finals some day in the future…

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