Fantastic '80s cartoon ThunderCats is getting a reboot, but it looks a bit weird 2 years ago

Fantastic '80s cartoon ThunderCats is getting a reboot, but it looks a bit weird

Thundah, thundah, THUNDAH-THUNDA!



If you grew up on a diet of Saturday morning cartoons and sugar-soaked cereal, you can probably triumphantly hum and sing the ThunderCats theme music to this day.

And if that's the case, we commend you, for that intro is glorious.

Clip via leopard9751

So great.

Reboots are happening quite a lot lately, what with the likes of She-Ra and Magnum P.I. officially getting fresh coats of paint, and now you can add the crew of Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Snarf and the terrifying Mumm-Ra to the mix.

That's right, ThunderCats is back. It just looks a lot different.


Let's remind ourselves of Lion-O in his original badass form...


And now for the new version...

Lion-O ThunderCats Roar

You versus the heroic anthropomorphic cat-man she told you not to worry about.


ThunderCats Roar is coming to Cartoon Network, and the producers are promising a mix of comedy - hence the wacky new visual approach above - and all of that beloved crazy action that gave the show its charm back in the '80s.

Clip via Warner Bros. TV

This isn't the first time that Carton Network have tried to resurrect the franchise, having previously given it a go back in 2011, to mixed results.


ThunderCats version 3.0 arrives in 2019, and is an all-American production, moving on from the original incarnation's excellent Japanese animation.

For now, it's probably worth binging on those early episodes for that sweet, sweet nostalgia fix.