Tinder Swindler now has a legit job making $30K in three days 1 year ago

Tinder Swindler now has a legit job making $30K in three days

Despite the documentary's revelations, he's still in high demand.

Simon Leviev, the man at the centre of Netflix's new documentary The Tinder Swindler, has found himself a new revenue stream - selling video messages on Cameo.


Since the release of the documentary which has taken the internet by storm - a film in which Leviev is unmasked as a notorious digital conman - the fraudster has decided to make the most of his new-found infamy.

The 31-year-old joined Cameo on Tuesday February 15 and quickly received a wave of requests from fans for messages.

He's been so popular that he's reportedly made a staggering $30,000 (€26521.65) in his first three days on the platform, charging $200 (€175) for a personal video and $1,392 (€1,231) per video for businesses.

People have been asking him for everything from birthday and anniversary messages, to motivational talks.


He'll even make jokey references to the film, such as saying that his enemies are after him - a phrase he used constantly in order to convince his string of partners to send him money borrowed from credit cards.

Many online have voiced their anger at the fact Leviev - real name Shimon Hayut - is still making decent money, despite his crimes.


The documentary has exploded in popularity since it was first released on Netflix, with the Swindler himself being banned from Tinder, and the three victims featured putting together a GoFundMe to assist in their ongoing debt payments.

Gardaí have said that romance fraud increased by 86% in 2021 in Ireland.

One case included a 51-year-old woman who believed she was in an online relationship with a male.

She agreed to transfer €90,000 to him in the belief that it was a loan for his business, which she now believes to be a case of fraud.


If you haven't checked out the documentary yet, be sure to read our review of the film in case you're not sure if it's any good (spoiler alert: it is).