The Tommy Tiernan Show extended by six weeks 1 year ago

The Tommy Tiernan Show extended by six weeks

Excellent news.

While The Late Late Show remains Ireland's biggest talk show, lately The Tommy Tiernan Show has been providing some extremely fierce competition.


Tiernan seems to have a unique skill where he can bring guests from all different walks of life to the same level - his level - so that the conversation flows as naturally and organically as possible.

To sum it up, his chat with the 79-year-old President of Ireland wasn't all that different to his conversation with Hozier, a 30-year-old pop star. And, remember, Tiernan has no clue who he's going to be talking to before they appear on the stage.

Plus, his comedy skills ensure every episode is hilarious, while there is also an empathetic nature to the way he talks to his guests.

Which is why we are delighted, and totally unsurprised, to learn that the series has been extended by six weeks.


This season of the show was due to finish its 10-week run next weekend, but now the final episode in the current series will air on Saturday, 17 April on RTÉ One.

Though the show is now in its fifth season, it feels as though it is finding its feet now more than ever before.

For example, Leitrim hurler Zak Moradi's recent interview was magnificent, as was Tiernan's chat with Bashir Otukoya.

Roll on next week's episode!