Turns out one of WandaVision's biggest solved mysteries hasn't actually been solved yet 1 month ago

Turns out one of WandaVision's biggest solved mysteries hasn't actually been solved yet

Back to square one...



Well, well, well...

It turns out that on top of all of other tricks that WandaVision still has up its sleeve, there is another trick that we thought had already been taken out of the sleeve, but nope, it is somehow still up the sleeve.

Okay, that metaphor got away from us, but the point remains: one of the "solved" mysteries of WandaVision may actually remain unsolved.

As you'll recall during our breakdown of the seventh episode of the show, we were a bit deflated by the revelation that the Monica's engineer friend that she reference to over and over again throughout previous episodes... turned out to be some soldier lady we'd actually never heard of before.

And with good reason, because a scouring of the Marvel Universe (i.e. a quick Google'ing of her name) revealed she is not a known entity, and is just some brand new, random arrival, there to deliver a big jeep for Monica to plough through The Hex.

However, during a recent interview with Fandom, the show's director Matt Shakman was asked directly about the engineer friend, and if that mystery had in fact been answered, to which he simply answered "Wouldn’t want to say!"

That would seem to indicate that the soldier lady was just a delivery person for Monica's actual engineer friend, and that we may well still be meeting them before WandaVision has run its course.


We've done a deep dive on who Monica's friend might be, and you can check that out right here.

Shakman remained pretty tight-lipped on pretty much all aspects of the finale, including whether Fake Pietro would make an appearance, to which he answered "I think there’s a strong possibility you might get a little more of Evan Peters coming up. But how that plays out, I wouldn’t want to say."

He also discussed how creating WandaVision was tied in to setting up the plots for the Doctor Strange sequel (which Wanda will have a key role in), as well as the Captain Marvel sequel (which Monica will feature heavily in):

"I think a great thing about Marvel Studios, and this is a testament to Kevin Feige’s great leadership, there is that the stories are treated, on their own, as complete stories and they need to work and be completely satisfying from beginning to end. The story we started out telling in episode one is the story we want to conclude in episode nine. The fact that it then carries on and hands off is just because we’ve created a wonderful new step forward for all of these characters that can be picked up."

The WandaVision finale lands on Disney+ on Friday, 5 March.