Tyson Fury hints he could be working on Snatch sequel with Guy Ritchie 6 months ago

Tyson Fury hints he could be working on Snatch sequel with Guy Ritchie

There could be a sequel to the much-loved crime comedy on the way!

A few months back, Tyson Fury was the topic of conversation with writer/director Guy Ritchie when we interviewed him about his new movie Operation Fortune. You can check out the full interview right here, but Ritchie connected the dots between Brad Pitt's character in Snatch and the rising popularity of Tyson Fury, almost as if his movie, released in September 2000, predicted the future of the sport.


Jump forward to the present day, and during the press rounds for upcoming Netflix reality series At Home With The Furys, JOE got to speak to Tyson and his wife Paris about their new show.

During the interview, we mentioned that previous conversation with Ritchie and the connections between Snatch and Fury, to which Tyson replied:

"One Punch Mickey O'Neill, he was a good fighter as well. It is one of my favourite, all time movies. When Guy Ritchie did that, we watched that movie when I was just a young kid, great movie. Guy Ritchie is a great director, and hopefully in the future we make something together. We'll make a real fight movie, with a real fighter."

When we mentioned that it sounded like they could be working up towards making Snatch 2, Fury smiled and replied: "I'm due to have a couple of meetings with Guy, about a couple of movies. That could be some big news coming in the future, that's a little preview for you there."


You can check out our full interview with Tyson and Paris Fury right here, and At Home With The Furys arrives on Netflix on Wednesday 16 August:

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