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28th Sep 2019

Director number six signs on to the Uncharted movie

Dave Hanratty

Uncharted Tom Holland

Going well, this.

Uncharted is, undoubtedly, a massively popular video game franchise.

Massively popular video game franchises tend to be coveted by movie studios, despite a highly questionable track record on the adaptation front.

Nevertheless, as we get all excited about the return of the likes of Mortal Kombat to the big screen, the aforementioned Uncharted series has been in Hollywood development for over a decade now.

As JOE’s resident movie guru Rory Cashin has previously outlined, the Tom Holland-fronted Uncharted film project appears to be somewhat cursed.

Last month saw attached director Dan Trachtenberg leave the film, marking him out as the fifth such helmer to do so after exits from David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon and Shawn Levy.

This weekend, we have a brand new man behind the camera; Travis Knight.

Deadline reports that Knight, who headed up last year’s really quite good Bumblebee, is currently in talks with Sony Pictures to jump on board, with production set to begin early next year.

Tom Holland, who is having a decent week now that Sony and Marvel have kissed and made up on the whole Spider-Man issue, is still set to star in the lead role.

As you might expect, the story will focus on adventurer Nathan Drake’s younger days, as Holland embodies the character as a young man.

As noted, game-to-movie translations don’t tend to fare too well for whatever reason, but there’s huge scope here, and both Holland and Knight are obvious talents, so here’s hoping that the sixth’s time a charm, eh?

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