Uncut Gems makes the top 10 for most F Words in a movie 3 years ago

Uncut Gems makes the top 10 for most F Words in a movie

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The new Adam Sandler movie is receiving rave reviews.

Adam Sandler has had quite an interesting career.


From starring in some of the greatest comedies of the past 20 years (Happy Gilmore immediately springs to mind), to legitimately creating some of the worst movies known to man.

And never one to shy away from a new experience, Sandler's latest project Uncut Gems sounds like a genuinely great movie.

The movie tells the story of a a charismatic New York City jeweller (Sandler), who is always on the lookout for the next big score.

And even though the movie is being called one of the best of the year, we're more excited to report that it has cracked the top 10 for most uses of the F Word in a movie.


According to MovieWeb, the word is used 408 times in Uncut Gems' 135 minute-long running time, which works out at around one use of the word 'fuck' every three minutes.


And although this does sound pretty damn impressive, it doesn't come close to the number one on the list Swearnet: The Movie, which uses the word an incredible 935 times.

Fucking hell.


Uncut Gems is coming to Netflix on 31 January. Catch the trailer here:

Clip via A24

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