Venom 2 has found a new villain for Carnage to play with 1 year ago

Venom 2 has found a new villain for Carnage to play with

Tom Hardy's anti-superhero sequel takes shape.

Despite being, well, not greatVenom proved a smash hit at the box office, taking in a total of $856 million across the world.


A sequel was quickly given the green light, with star Tom Hardy back on board.

Given his commitment to the role the first time around, that's a positive. A better script would be just as welcome as far as the follow-up is concerned, so here's hoping.

As for what you can expect from Venom 2, the expectation is that the chief villain will be Cletus Kasady aka Carnage, who Woody Harrelson - clad in terrible wig - appeared as during the post-credits sequence of last year's original.

Done right, Carnage should prove a formidable foe for Venom, and you'd put your money on Harrelson to once again bring a quipping serial killer to vivid life, having done so with relish in Oliver Stone's controversial '90s satire Natural Born Killers.

And it seems he won't be alone in taking on Hardy's anti-hero, either.

Variety has the scoop as far as the film's second proposed antagonist is concerned, with Naomie Harris (...28 Days Later, Miami Vice, Skyfall) in talks to take on the role of Shriek.


For the uninitiated, Shriek, like Venom and Carnage, is a Spider-Man property, so while it does look like Tom Holland's wall-crawler is unlikely to pop up in these movies, at least they're making strong choices on the rogues gallery front.

Shriek is often depicted as a romantic interest for Carnage and boasts the ability to project soundwaves in the form of sonic blasts, which does rather play havoc with the famously sensitive Venom symbiote.

She is also capable of things like telekinesis and inspiring violence in others, so a decent foil for the poster boy, then.

Andy Serkis will direct the film, taking over from Ruben Fleischer, with Venom 2 currently set for release on 2 October, 2020.

Featured image via Marvel Database