VIDEO: The disguise worked a treat for this undercover busker in Cork 5 years ago

VIDEO: The disguise worked a treat for this undercover busker in Cork

Have you figured out who it is?

"I basically dressed up: got a fat suit, big wig, glasses and made my teeth as brown as I could. I'm singing Ring of Fire in a Skibbereen accent with my guitar out of tune," said Nathan Carter, who dressed up a busker from Skibbereen for his new RTÉ series.


Carter decided to prank his fans and was surprised at the effectiveness of his disguise.

"We convinced most people, actually; it was bit shocking," he laughed.

"There was a young lad came up and he asked for a Nathan Carter song! I had to try and sing Wagon Wheel as badly as I could. Even though I sing it bad as it is, I had to do my best to sing it even worse!

"The funny thing is, they pay €35 for a ticket to come and see me and there was me walking around in front of them singing as badly as I could and they didn't realise!"

Carter, whose show starts on RTÉ One next Sunday night, says it was never in his thinking to become a TV presenter until he got a call last year.

"I got a phone call last year to ask maybe would I do a Christmas special," he recalled.


"So we did that and it went out between Christmas and New Year on RTÉ One. It got a great response - huge viewership - and they asked would I consider a series then. I contemplated it for a couple of days and I said if I was doing it, it would have to be a little bit different - where I went out and did something a bit fun so it wasn't just in studio."