WandaVision goes full Modern Family in the trailer for the new episode 2 weeks ago

WandaVision goes full Modern Family in the trailer for the new episode

"We've all been there, right?"

Before we go any further, this article will obviously contain spoilers about WandaVision, so if you haven't seen last Friday's episode, it's probably best you head off now.


Okay? Good.

The last thing we saw in this truly incredible show we saw was Wanda expanding the borders of WestView, bringing more and more people from the outside world into her terrifying creation, in an attempt to "save" Vision.

And in a new trailer for the next episode of the show, we see Wanda in a Modern Family/The Office style sitcom, talking casually about what she has just done.

Speaking directly to camera, she calmly says "Look, we've all been there, right? Letting our fear and anger get the best of us. Intentionally expanding the borders of the false we created."

Seemingly taking place immediately after Wanda has caused all sorts of chaos, she is distancing herself from the kids, who are experiencing some weird time glitches, while Wanda "quarantines" in bed.

She seems completely uninterested in the kids' seemingly serious complaints, and insists it's better that she "rests her eyes" in bed.

Vision is nowhere to be seen.


Take a look at the trailer here:

Clip via Marvel Entertainment

If this has you counting down the minutes until the next episode (Friday 19 February), check out our predictions as to who Monica's "guy" is here.