WATCH: Gabriel Byrne's speech on alcoholism brought a nation to tears last night 1 year ago

WATCH: Gabriel Byrne's speech on alcoholism brought a nation to tears last night

The Irish actor spoke candidly about his past demons.

International actor Gabriel Byrne joined Ryan Tubridy on this week's Late Late Show following his recent win at the Irish Film and Television Awards held on Thursday of this week.

Byrne took home the Lifetime Achievement Award at the awards this week, and held an interview with Tubridy to speak candidly about both the high and low points of his career which has spanned five decades.

His first topic, his personal struggle with alcoholism in his twenties, struck a chord with the nation. It seemed that the topic was all too familiar with so many, that a call to action was suggested on Twitter.

The Dublin-native, who has also made three films with the Weinstein Company throughout his career, described the disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein on the show as a bully and he also taken issue with his friend Liam Neeson’s claim that the #metoo movement has gone too far.

Byrne said he never thought Weinstein would be capable of the "vile acts" he is accused of but added that he knew the movie mogul was "an absolute ferocious bully."

"That I knew but I knew that about other people too but what happened to those unfortunate women, and I know five of those women who were compromised by him, happened behind closed doors," Byrne told host Ryan Tubridy.

"So nothing could be proved so it was `he said, she said’ and because Harvey had such incredible power and we know from our own culture here that power and institutions protect individuals, the institution has to survive.

"Harvey was a powerful money maker and he had to be allowed to continue but nobody really knew, and I agree with Meryl Streep when she says this, that she didn’t understand, didn’t know about the violence of his sexual behaviour."

The actor also took issue with Liam Neeson’s recent claim on the RTÉ Show that the #metoo movement was "a witch hunt" that had gone too far.

"I love Liam and I’ve been a friend of his for many, many years and of course everybody is entitled to their opinion but I would say the movement hasn’t gone far enough."