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There was 14 years between The X-Files 9th and 10th season, and the comeback was a hugely anticipated event for fans and non-fans alike.

An average audience of over 16 million viewers made the comeback season the 2nd most viewed broadcast drama of 2016, but the episodes themselves were a bit of a roller-coaster of quality.

Founder's Mutation, Babylon and especially Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster were pretty good, but opening episode My Struggle, Home Again and the particularly weak closing episode My Struggle II ranged from "not great" to "quite bad".

After both fans and critics were left a little underwhelmed overall, Fox (the TV station, not Mulder's first name) were still pretty impressed by the numbers put up, and decided to officially announce that an 11th season is now underway, with David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and show creator Chris Carter all back on board.

And therein lies the rub. As much as we appreciate Carter bringing the show into the world, he was the reason it eventually wound itself up in knots the first time around, and he was directly responsible for writing and directing some of the lesser episodes during the recent comeback.

Back in the day, the best episodes had other creative people involved, with some of the episodes written and directed by none other than Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, and Stephen King even had a hand in one of the scripts.

If Carter can get some other great writers and directors in the mix, and leans less on the alien conspiracy and goes heavier and the scary monster-of-the-week stories, then he could be on to a winner.

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