The Young Offenders star has some cracking ideas for Season 2 of the brilliant comedy 1 year ago

The Young Offenders star has some cracking ideas for Season 2 of the brilliant comedy

The Young Offenders are coming back.

Like the gigantic fish that Conor and Jock stole from that warehouse, we're delighted to say that there's no getting rid of The Young Offenders as it's been made official by RTÉ that the show is coming back to Irish TV.

Granted, that always looked likely to be the case because a second season was approved BEFORE the first episode of the first season even aired, but you could say that Peter Foott's TV adaptation was even better than the beloved film.

In our view, the decision to build the character of Máiréad was inspired - the way she curses at Conor (Alex Murphy) and calls him a 'f**king dickhead' is one of the best things that you'll see on TV - but there's a real heart and warmth to the show that separates it from the rest.

For example, it's impossible not to be moved by that scene at the graveyard when Jock went to visit his mam. On another note, the singalong to The Frank & Walters was a joyous scene and as for that granny flashing, well...

Another brilliant addition to the TV adaptation of The Young Offenders has been Jennifer Barry (Siobhan).

After being introduced in one of the most uncomfortable shifting scenes ever, the character has really developed into a fan favourite, culminating in that brilliant season finale.

Spoiler alert but Siobhan is now 'up the duff' and fans have been wondering what's in store for her character and the lads in Season 2.

Christ, Jock will now be a father. Can you imagine that?

Speaking to JOE recently, Barry said she was as surprised as anyone.

"That was such a shock because I didn’t see that coming at the end," said Barry.

"Jock isn’t ready for it, PJ (Principal Barry Walsh) isn’t ready for it. It’s a huge jump and for Peter to take but it’s so brilliant that he did."

The actress has a busy few months ahead as she's also starring in Lisa McGee's new play Girls and Dolls. Ahead of the play opening, we got a chance to catch up with The Young Offenders star and she was more than happy to chat about what she'd love to see happening in Season 2 of the hit show.

"I'd love to see Mairead and Sgt Healy continue to date because they really seem to bring out the best in each other and they're a very cute couple. God, a wedding in the show would be great. Could you imagine what Conor and Jock would be like at a wedding?

"I'd also love to see more of Billy Murphy in the show because I think that he's a great character that's just a little bit misunderstood. Also, I think we’re going into fourth year now in the show so they would probably be working somewhere."

At present, Season 2 hasn't even started filming yet but Barry is optimistic that it's going to be even better than what came before.

"Peter Foott (creator of The Young Offenders) is so brilliant in that sense," she says.

"His writing is so slapstick and funny. What you see is what you get. Then again, the touching moments just sort of hit you and you’re turning away from the TV and trying to pretend that you’ve got something in your eye!"

We can't wait.

Jennifer Barry (The Young Offenders) stars alongside Jamie Lee O'Donnell (Derry Girls) in Girls and Dolls by Lisa McGee which plays for a limited run from 11th-15th September at The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin.