Young Offenders star would like Season 2 to have a 'big road trip' 1 year ago

Young Offenders star would like Season 2 to have a 'big road trip'

Conor and Jock could be in your county.

As hard as it is to believe, Season 1 of The Young Offenders only had six episodes.

Granted, the creator of the show, Peter Foott, managed to fit in so much comedy and pathos in those episodes that viewers barely had time to breathe.

For example, we got so see countless scenes of awkward shifting, the lads stealing led from a building, a heartfelt version of With or Without You beside the grave of Jock's mother, a broken fridge, a stolen tuna, a granny flashing, a teenage pregnancy, s**tloads of cursing, and a bus being hijacked.

Not to mention Billy Murphy, well, being Billy Murphy!

All things considered, the award-winning show was an absolute riot and after fans were treated to the Christmas special, all eyes are now on Season 2.

On that note, JOE recently got the chance to speak with Alex Murphy (Conor) and Chris Walley (Jock) and they gave us some information about what they would like to see happen in Season 2.

The Young Offenders

At the present moment, the show's creator, Peter Foott, is writing the scripts and there could be some changes on the horizon.

“We actually don’t know when filming starts, that’s being genuinely honest," said Walley.

He adds: "We don’t know that much. Genuinely, we don’t have a clue what it’s going to be about but we’re really looking forward to seeing the scripts when they’re written. Peter is so clever - even in the Christmas special - just the way that he manages to get every character in during such a short space of time. Every character has a moment. I'm excited to see what he has for Season 2."

Walley's on-screen partner in crime, Alex Murphy, hinted that Season 2 might see some changes being introduced.

"Peter doesn’t hold onto ideas that tightly if they’re not right. He has no problems changing up the whole structure of the story. Conor and Jock could be somewhere else in Season 2. Then again, it could also be the same in Season 2. It depends on what he wants," he said.

After being asked about what he'd like to see happen in Season 2, Murphy suggested that he'd like to see a slight return to the main plot of the smash hit Young Offenders film, a road trip.

"I wouldn’t mind another big road trip, like we had in the film. In Season 1, we didn’t leave the city a whole lot."

A large part of why The Young Offenders has proven to be so popular is the show's authenticity and the fact that it's not an extremely 'flashy' production - something that Season 2 will adhere to, according to the lads.

"People lap it up because everything we’ve done is real. Ok, I’m sure some people would say ‘that would never happen’ but it’s all pretty authentic. The two lads are so recognisable now that it’s almost like people think ‘Ah yeah, those lads would actually do that!," said Murphy.

Walley also thinks that Season 2 will maintain the show's gritty and realistic brand of comedy.

The Young Offenders Season 2

"I think if it did get bigger and we threw more money at it, we could be at risk of ruining what makes it so special. Peter is very aware of this though and how it needs to stay rooted in a very clear idea of these character and that aspect of Cork," he said.

Whatever direction Season 2 of The Young Offenders goes in, we're certain that it's going to be great.

You can listen to the whole interview with Alex Murphy and Chris Walley here.