Zack Snyder reckons he used "100 gallons, maybe more" of fake blood in his new horror movie 2 months ago

Zack Snyder reckons he used "100 gallons, maybe more" of fake blood in his new horror movie

The average used by a horror movie is usually around 10 gallons.

A few years back, a data analyst worked out for Slate that the average horror movie uses around 35 litres of fake blood, which works out at, more or less, 10 gallons.


For his new horror movie Army of the Dead, writer and director Zack Snyder reckons they used ten times that much.

When JOE took part in the global launch of the new trailer for the zombie epic, Snyder discussed the fake blood used in the movie:

"I think you could measure it more in barrels, like in 55-gallon drums. I bet we could find the make-up effects guys, cos they'll know. But it was many, many gallons. One hundred, maybe more.

"And there's all different kinds of blood! There was all of the different zombies, and the different ages of zombies - Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three, Alphas, Alpha Elites - all of these different kinds, and they all have slightly different coloured blood.

"We had this big pallet, and you could see on different swatches, how they would look. And also for the costumes, just how the blood was read [on camera] and stuff like that. Also, we would fire the blood out of canons to see how that would look."

While it doesn't come close to the record - It: Chapter Two still holds that title, thanks to using 4,500 gallons in just one scene - it is still quite a lot of fake blood!

Snyder is returning to the zombie genre for the first time since 2004's brilliant remake of Dawn of the Dead, with the majority of his career since then being comic book and graphic novel adaptations: 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Justice League.


We can see how his zombie reunion goes when Army of the Dead arrives on Netflix on Friday, 21 May.

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