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21st Apr 2018

QUESTION: If there were a zombie outbreak in Ireland, where would you go to stay safe?

Rory Cashin

Shopping mall? Local pub? Just stay at home?

More often that not, when it comes to the end of the world, Ireland usually ends up pretty safe.

Whenever Hollywood puts out the latest disaster movie – be it asteroids, severe weather, alien invasions, contagious diseases, or even a zombie outbreak – Ireland is usually completely overlooked.

This is exactly why we were so excited about new horror movie The Cured, which sees a zombie apocalypse completely rip Ireland apart.

The movie is in Irish cinemas right now, and you can check out our review in the latest episode of The Big Reviewski, which you can check out right here.

We were lucky enough to have a long, in-depth chat with the lead actor and the writer/director of the movie, with the full chats arriving on JOE and The Big Reviewski really soon.

As a taster, we had to ask them, should there be an actual zombie outbreak, where in Ireland would they head to, in order to stay safe?

Over the years, folk in the likes of Dawn Of The Dead thought they might stay safe in Dawn Of The Dead, while Simon Pegg and his mates just headed for the local pub, but writer and director David Freyne told us that he would head to Kilkee, a small town in County Clare:

“I remember being there once or twice and thinking this would be a really nice place to set up a new community during the zombie apocalypse. Set up your little border, you’ve got a little coastal town. So I would go to Kilkee, and probably get eaten straight away.”

Meanwhile, lead actor Sam Keeley would head in the same direction, but just a little bit further:

“Probably Clare Island, or Inis Oírr. Probably one of the smaller islands off the coast. (“And just hope they can’t swim?”) Yeah, that needs to be worked out first, before you hop on a boat and think you’ve made it. They’re a law on themselves out there anyways, so that makes me feel secure enough that they’ll be able to govern a small patch of land without losing it.”

So if it were actually to happen, where would you go to set up a little safe zone for yourself?

It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to head to the local cinema, where you can get food and stay entertained, watching the likes of The Cured…

Clip via IFC Films

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