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05th Jan 2023

20 huge songs that turn 20 years old in 2023

Rory Cashin


We were NOT prepared to suddenly feel this old…

We’re at the start of 2023, and as with the start of any year, it always feels like the right time to get a little contemplative.

To that end, we’ve put together this list of songs that turn 20 years old in 2023, some of which celebrate their anniversaries this week, some of which didn’t arrive until just in time to become Christmas number ones.

What they do all have in common, aside from turning two decades old this year, is their unique ability to make us feel very, very old…

50 Cent – “IN DA CLUB” – 7 January

The first official single from his first official album, complete with bombastic production by Dr. Dre, it is still an absolute party-starter to this day.

The White Stripes – “SEVEN NATION ARMY” – 17 February

That bass’y riff. That incredible video. Remains one of the very best rock songs of the 00s.

Lil’ Jon & The East Side Boyz – “GET LOW” – 19 February

To the window. To the wall.

Madonna – “AMERICAN LIFE” – 24 March

This list won’t just be a memorial to good songs, such as this track, which featured Madonna rapping, and rhyming the words “latte” with “shot”, somehow. It also had a very controversial video pulled and replaced with a much more boring one.

Evanescence – “BRING ME TO LIFE” – 7 April

A crossover of nu metal and goth metal, and the first single from their first album. It became a HUGE hit only after (checks notes) it was used in Ben Affleck’s big screen adaptation of Daredevil.

Chingy – “RIGHT THURR” – 14 April

Remember Chingy??

Lumidee – “NEVER LEAVE YOU (UH OOOH UH OOOH)” – 12 May

Using the same production as Ol Dirty Bastard’s “Welcome Home”, this arrived during the peak popularity of a reggae riddim called “Diwali”, which appeared everywhere from Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” to Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go”.

Girls Aloud – “NO GOOD ADVICE” – 12 May

Their second single, which proved that “Sound Of The Underground” was no fluke.

The Black Eyed Peas – “WHERE IS THE LOVE?” – 12 May

The first single from their third album, which is also where Fergie joined the fold. Justin Timberlake also co-wrote this song, and it did feel like this track was completely inescapable that summer.

Beyonce – “CRAZY IN LOVE” – 14 May

Yep, this turns 20 years old this summer. Yikes.

Fountains Of Wayne – “STACY’S MOM” – 19 May

Probably remembered more for the music video with Rachel Hunter rather than, y’know, actually being a good song.

Dido – “WHITE FLAG” – 7 July

For a certain generation, Dido might only be known as that lady who sings over Eminem’s “Stan”. But she’s also the lady who dated Angel from Buffy in this music video.

Stereophonics – “MAYBE TOMORROW” – 21 July

When they moved away from rock a little bit and moved towards … jazz? … a little bit. It also played out over the end credits for Crash, one of the worst movies ever to win the Best Picture Oscar.

Outkast – “HEY YA!” – 25 August

The first single from Andre 3000’s half of the Speakerboxxx/The Love Below double-album. It actually caused Polaroid to inform the masses that shaking your undeveloped photos might actually damage them before they’d dried.

Outkast – “THE WAY YOU MOVE” – 25 August

And this was Big Boi’s first single from his half of the double-album, also released on the exact same day.

Kelis – “MILKSHAKE” – 25 August

Also on the exact same day, Kelis teamed up with The Neptunes for one of those songs that still sounds completely unlike anything else of the time, or before, or since.

Linkin Park – “NUMB” – 8 September

To be fair, from that Meteora album, we could’ve also picked “Somewhere I Belong” or “Faint”, but this one still has a special place in our hearts.

The Darkness – “I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE” – 22 September

If you didn’t try to sing along in the same high pitch as Justin Hawkins was here, then you simply weren’t singing along correctly.

Britney Spears – “ME AGAINST THE MUSIC” – 14 October

Madonna’s other big appearance in 2003 was this feature on Britney’s big single, which had the two of them playing sexy hide ‘n’ seek in the video. The song itself is actually one of the more overlooked bangers from Britney’s CV.

Westlife – “MANDY” – 17 November

They hit number one with this cover of Barry Manilow’s song, which itself was a cover of “Brandy” by Scott English.

Michael Andrews & Gary Jules – “MAD WORLD” – 15 December

Speaking of covers, this cover of Tears For Fears’ 1982 hit originally appeared on the end credits of 2001 movie Donnie Darko, but only got its own single release in December 2003, just in time to become a surprise Christmas number one!

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