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13th Mar 2019

People are loving a new advert for ham set to the tune of ‘Come Out, Ye Black and Tans’

Paul Moore

Black and Tan

“Come out you other hams, come and face me ham-to-ham.”

The purpose of all marketing campaigns is to get attention and when it comes to the latest advert for Brady Family Ham, it’s definitely memorable.

Ever since 1978, the company from Kildare have been committed to producing the finest traditional Irish ham and they’re embracing a trad classic in their latest advert.

Gerry Adams nearly called his most recent cookbook ‘Come Out You Rack Of Lamb’ but the Brady Family have fully embraced a beloved rebel song made famous by The Wolfe Tones.

We’re pretty confident that the following lyrics are going to be lodged in your brain for the next few days.

“Oh, Brady Family Ham, well it is your only man. Cured for three whole days and there’s no added water. Sure, it’s cooked from one pork joint, unlike others –  that’s the point! It tastes just like the ham baked by your mother. Come out you other hams, come and face me ham-to-ham.”


Take a look at the whole thing below.

Clip via BradyFamilyHam

The tune has certainly made an impression on those who have heard it.