7 things you DON'T need to pack for Electric Picnic 4 years ago

7 things you DON'T need to pack for Electric Picnic

Brought to you by Tesco

Travel light


Logistics don't really come into the equation when you first buy your tickets to Electric Picnic. The excitement of going to the biggest festival in Ireland is enough to think about, so why worry about all the other nonsense?

It's all fun and games until you turn up at EP with a rucksack that weighs the equivalent of an aircraft carrier. Your mammy warned you to pack everything you could possibly need over the weekend, and by the looks of things, she snuck the kitchen sink in there when you weren't looking.

Facing the journey from the entrance to the campsite with all your stuff is no easy task, but luckily Tesco will be open on-site 24 hr throughout the festival. There you'll find a lot of the things mammy said you'd need, except they're lying on a shelf waiting for you at reasonable prices, instead of adding to your arduous journey.

With that in mind, here are some of the things you don't need to pack for Electric Picnic. You can even order stuff online now and have it ready when you get there with Tesco's Click & Collect service. They have "survival packs" picked out for you, with all you need to help you make it through EP. Simply pay online and you can collect them once there.


Toilet roll

Look, we have to cover the most important things first. When you've just had a long day of hopping from stage to stage, you need a bit of pampering. It might sound like a small difference, but you'll thank us later.

You don't want to have to rely on what's on offer in the portaloos, so you're better off having your own supply. They can take up a good bit of space in your pack though, so you'll have a bit more space to work with if you bought it on-site.

Shampoo/shower gel


More of a danger than anything else. Unless you pack the bottles in a Tupperware box or something (which would take more space), there's always the danger of this;

You're taking things into your own hands if you put a full bottle of shampoo into a heavily packed bag. There's no place for that kind of maverick behaviour around here.



Same reasons as above. It's a dangerous game.


Another one that could lead to a disaster of some sort. The dreaded "pop" of a packet of cheese and onion flavoured perfection isn't what you want to hear on your way to the campsite.

Play it safe, and play it smart. Wait until you get there, and choose from all the flavours your heart desires.



Now we're getting to the heavier side of things. The extra weight from your water bottles is a nightmare, and gives you crippling back pain to make up for the space it takes up in your bag.

Picking up one multipack of big water bottles once you arrive should see you right through the weekend.


The guy who brings a folding chair to a music festival is the guy with his life affairs in order. He knows he'll need a touch of comfort, but surely it would be even smarter again to avoid having to carry one down to the campsite?

A lifesaver in the morning when you just want to feel some semblance of normality.

Sleeping bag

There's a curveball for you. You don't even need to pack a sleeping bag when you're going camping at EP, because they'll be on sale in the on-site Tesco. What a time to be alive.

Whether forgot to pack your own or it's just been destroyed over the weekend, rest assured that you won't be sleeping on the floor of your tent.

Find all your festival needs at Tesco, the official supermarket at Electric Picnic 2018. Head to their website for more info on Tesco at Electric Picnic.

Tesco will be open 24hr in the Andy Warhol campsite from 4 pm on Thursday 30 August for the duration of the festival. 

Brought to you by Tesco