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30th Aug 2018

7 types of people you’ll meet at Electric Picnic


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A world of characters

Music festivals bring with them a whole set of new characters. Some are nice, others belong in some sort of facility, and others drive you up the wall. In their own quirky way though, every one of them only adds to your Electric Picnic weekend.

If you’ve been before, you’re probably looking forward to some sort of a reunion this weekend. Those of you looking to pop your festival cherry should keep an eye out for these fine folk.

Random campsite man

You never met him before EP, and you don’t suspect you’ll ever see him again either. You’ve yet to see him leave the campsite, and he seems to have an endless supply of cider stashed away in his non-existent tent. He might wander over to your side of the site for a chat every now and then.

Does he live there all year? Does he not have any interest in the concerts? It’s best not to ask too many questions of this enigmatic being, although he can be a useful landmark when trying to find your way back to your tent. This is his natural habitat, let him be.

The one who “lets go”

Works a respectable nine to five job, but spends her year looking forward to Electric Picnic more than you or I will ever know. Once she puts on that floral headband, she’s a different animal. The office attire is replaced by glittery wellies and a bottle of vodka.

Unrecognisable from the person who turned up for work earlier that same week. She slots back into her weekly routine so seamlessly afterwards that you’ll question whether or not she was there at all.

Wet blanket

Here lad, why did you even want to go? They disapprovingly stand at every concert and fold their arms as they scowl at the other lunatics who seem to be enjoying themselves. Not so much as a head bob will be seen to break their steadfast misery throughout the weekend.

Electric Picnic

He more than likely packed an extra amount to avoid even the smallest amount of discomfort, but that did nothing to make him feel any better. He’ll buy a ticket next year again though, so he obviously gets some amount of enjoyment out of it.

The Juggernaut

By Christ, this one came prepared. Everything from a printed copy of the festival map, an extra sleeping bag, two power banks and a first aid kit all went into their backpack when they left what we presume was some sort of military academy. It’s most certainly not their first festival, and they’ll be damned if they got caught in a situation they weren’t prepared for.

The hero you deserve, and definitely the one you need right now.

Social superstar

Not so much someone you’ll meet, as much as just pass you by on their way to somewhere far more interesting. They’ll have a flock of devoted followers in tow, as they look to find the perfect lighting for their “candid” Instagram that took two hours to get right.

You’ll be able to spot them by the fact that they will change outfit at least twice a day, and always look as fresh as they do on a normal night out.

The one who didn’t pack

Well, unless you consider a bag of cans. One pair of cheap converse, a tattered hoodie with a broken zip and an old pair of jeans are all that will weigh him down over the weekend. Bonus points for him if he’s wearing an animal onesie. Legend.

If they’re lucky, he packed a sleeping bag in the hope of finding a tent with a spare bit of room. You’ll see plenty of him at the weekend, as he begs for everything from a bite of your burger to a power bank to charge his phone.

Festival veteran

Not to be confused with the Juggernaut. These folk can go one of two ways. Either they are experienced enough to be the life of the party at all times, or they will drive you demented with stories of how they have never missed an Electric Picnic.

Look, we don’t need to hear about how much the festival has changed since 2004 every time we’re deciding what act to go see next.

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Brought to you by Tesco


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