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11th Jun 2018

WATCH: Big Shaq, the man behind one of the biggest songs of 2017, is back with a brand new music video

Rudi Kinsella

Big Shaq

Big Shaq is back.

The man who infamously made the “ting go skrrra” in one of the biggest songs of last year is back.

Big Shaq took the internet by storm with the hilariously nonsensical hit ‘Man’s Not Hot‘, a complex tale about one man’s determination not to take his jacket off, regardless of the heat.

Man’s not hot also has almost 200 million streams on Spotify, which is more than the majority of songs from the genre that he’s parodying have themselves.

The official music video from this song has now got 272,986,408 views in less than seven months, showing just how much of a sensation Big Shaq has become.

And now he’s back.

The video shows him on his wedding day, and even includes a little backstory as to how he met the girl that changed him forever – even convincing him to take his jacket off.

Have a look for yourself here:

Clip via Michael Dapaah

‘Man Don’t Dance’ has over a million views in less than 24 hours, so we expect that you’ll be hearing a lot more of this one soon enough.

Some people may be unaware of the fact that Big Shaq is a character portrayed by comedian Michael Dappah, who does a number of characters, none of which have had the fame or success that Big Shaq have had, so far anyway…

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Big Shaq

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