Behold, the new Bond theme as performed by Billie Eilish 4 years ago

Behold, the new Bond theme as performed by Billie Eilish

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The pop star of the moment, forever immortalised in the realm of 007.

After weeks of buzz, Billie Eilish finally has No Time To Die.


The next James Bond adventure - and possibly Daniel Craig's last - is nearly upon us, with No Time To Die arriving in April.

We've already seen the trailer and now it's time to hear what this thing sounds like.

Well, the opening credits, at least.

We wondered what kind of energy Billie Eilish would bring to the always newsworthy Bond theme, given that the 18-year-old represents a contemporary enough choice, following on from the likes of Sam Smith and Adele.


Alongside her brother Finneas, Eilish is known for daring production and ASMR-like vocal delivery. Could 'No Time To Die' be a major departure for the classic Bond song?

In the end, not really.

Instead, 'No Time To Die' is highly traditional and familiar, operating in shadows, Eilish's signature breathy croon a good compliment for the studio brief.

Check it out below.


Clip via Billie Eilish

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