Billie Eilish and older boyfriend slammed for "sick and twisted" Halloween costumes 10 months ago

Billie Eilish and older boyfriend slammed for "sick and twisted" Halloween costumes

There is an 11-year age gap between the couple.

Billie Eilish and her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford have been slammed their "incredibly sick and twisted" Halloween costumes that some suggested were in response to critics of their age-gap romance.


Billie is 20 years old, while Jesse is 31.

The singer dressed up as a baby, complete with diaper and bonnet, while Jesse went to the other extreme, wearing a bald cap and wrinkled prosthetics in photos posted online by Pop Crave.

In one snap, which was posted by Billie's brother Finneas' partner Ashe, the 'No Time to Die' hitmaker wore doll-like make-up, a blonde wig, and an outfit emblazoned with teddies.

The couple has not posted pictures of their outfits on their own social media accounts.


Some vocal fans were left outraged by their choice of costumes and rather than applauding her for 'trolling the haters', they had nothing nice to say at all.  The pair's 11-year age difference has recently sparked backlash across social media.

One fan wrote: "Billie Eilish and Jessie Rutherford’s matching Halloween costumes is incredibly sick and twisted - especially with their age difference and power imbalance.


"It’s not funny or chic, it's not poking fun, it’s disturbing, and the adults in her life are letting her down once again."


Another wrote: "That Billie eilish costume is extremely disturbing and I absolutely hate it every time it crosses my timeline" while a third typed: "I wish i could wash my eyes with soap and scrub this from my mind."

A third wrote: "I feel so sad for Billie Eilish. She thinks she's being big and bad and grown trolling the haters but she's just showing her immaturity and proving the point. Jesse is absolutely disgusting and weird as f*** for agreeing to that costume."


Billie was first linked with Jesse when the two were spotted by a fan at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights earlier this month, MailOnline reported.