WATCH: Extremely accurate song about Copper Face Jacks surely deserves two gold cards 9 months ago

WATCH: Extremely accurate song about Copper Face Jacks surely deserves two gold cards

"You've all been there, you might not remember it though."

For many people, Copper Face Jacks has become a second home for country folk that have made the big move to the big smoke.

Three quick reasons why we love Coppers: The late night closing, the Five/Westlife/Spice Girls Megamix and the chance of meeting about 23 people you know from home there.

It was only a matter of time before someone made a song about the adventures that take place in the nightclub on Harcourt Street and The 2 Johnnies have put their words to music (the chorus is extremely catchy) about the teachers, students, nurses, gardaí and everyone else that heads to Coppers...

Clip via The 2 Johnnies

One of the 2 Johnnies talked to JOE about their new tune. We say 'one of' because they wouldn't tell us which one it was and this way they "get away with saying and doing mad shit cos we can blame the other one."

Why did they write a song about Coppers? "Every country lad knows two places in Dublin, Croke Park and Coppers. Everywhere in between may as well be the Amazon.


"We meet people in Dublin while working or doing gigs, everyone wants to meet for a pint and a chat and it's the one place everyone knows so it's ideal. We've had great craic in there."

The song was written for many reasons but the main one was so that the two lads could get their hands on a coveted gold card.

"We have been contacted by the club and it looks like we will be presented with our gold cards when we're up covering the All Ireland final at the weekend.

"Free entry, sure we'll have to go in now.

"Our 2 Johnnies nationwide comedy tour is now in full swing and you can keep up to date by following our two individual Snapchat accounts, johnnybtippman and Johnnysmacks."

County colours and jersey pullers, you'll find them all in Coppers.

"He just does not get injuries, it’s impossible to break him.”

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