VIDEO: David Bowie's final performance 6 years ago

VIDEO: David Bowie's final performance

David Bowie suffered six heart attacks before his death, it has been claimed.

The singer - who underwent heart surgery in 2004 - died of cancer on Sunday but it has now been claimed he was also battling other health problems.


Wendy Leigh, who published a biography of the singer last year, told BBC News: "He didn't just battle cancer... he had six heart attacks in recent years. I got this from somebody very close to him."

In 2004, the music legend underwent emergency heart surgery in Germany to treat an acutely blocked artery.

Since then, his public appearances became more infrequent.

Bowie's final performance was in 2006, alongside Alicia Keys at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom, where he performed 'Changes' for the last time.


Watch below.