Dublin club to play non-stop power ballads for one glorious night 2 years ago

Dublin club to play non-stop power ballads for one glorious night

Heaven for anyone that loves power ballads.

Heavy metal has the mosh pit. Hip-hop lovers all bounce together. Pop is the bastion of dance routines like the Macarena, twerking, voguing, and Whigfield's Saturday Night routine.


As for fans of power ballads, well, they have their own tried and tested routine. Tilt your head back, scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs, and throw your fists in the air.

You know what we're talking about. Ever see someone giving it absolute socks when Toto - 'Africa', Bon Jovi - 'Always', or Seal - 'Kiss From A Rose' comes on?

After a similar gig in the Button Factory proved to be extremely popular, we're delighted to say that a little piece of (predominantly) '80s and early '90s nostalgia is returning to Dublin.

If you fancy blaring out every single word of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' in a totally safe space, the Ultimate Power clubnight is coming to the Workman's Club, Dublin and it's set to be a cracking night.

Oh yes, they'll be be playing everything from divas to rockstars and those in attendance can expect to hear anything from Bon Jovi to Whitney Houston, Journey to Celine Dion, Whitesnake to Phil Collins, Alice Cooper to Michael Bolton and much, much more.

As the official posting states, power ballad fans can expect: "A communal appreciation of colossal musical compositions from the titans of Power Ballads; messrs Collins, Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler and Bon Jovi and many, many more besides.

"Every single song is a classic, every single song is known and loved by all, and every single song is never played at any other club night in the world except Ultimate Power."


All the madness unfolds on 3 May and it's set to go on from 11.30pm to 3am the following morning.

Tickets cost €5.50 and can be purchased here.