Dublin gangster rap has a new heavyweight contender 5 years ago

Dublin gangster rap has a new heavyweight contender

Name five Irish rappers. Go.

No? Name three? Nope, probably not.


To be fair, Ireland is pretty good at dominating just about every genre of music there is available to us, but rap and hip-hop has mostly passed us by to date.

Sure, we've had an uptick lately, with thanks to Hare Squad and the likes (consider yourself not down with the cool kids if you've never heard of them), but new rap duo The Versatile are already making all kinds of waves with their new single 'Dublin City G's'.

The Versatile consists of Casper Walsh and Eskimo Supreme, who also wrote and produced the track, and after listening to it, it becomes very clear that they are taking some heavy inspiration from mid-90's Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

This is just the latest in a long line of singles from the duo, which includes the likes of 'Mad Scene', 'She Goes Out With A Redhot', 'We Sell Brown', 'Whopper Trips' and 'Who Robbed The Hash From The Gaf'.


The accompanying video for 'Dublin City G's' is the dictionary definition of NSFW, as within the opening few seconds alone we're greeted with guns, drugs and mostly-nekkid ladies.

Meanwhile, the lyrics of the song itself are almost instantly quotable: "We don't mess, we don't mess, point a shotgun at your chest, decked out in our Sunday best." Not exactly PG-stuff, and that is - BY FAR - one of the more inoffensive lines you'll find in there. Everything else is... well, you'll see for yourself...

The UK have had several high profile rap-artists in the last few years, so we reckon it is about time Ireland got an international rap sensation we can call our very own.

After all this time, could Versatile finally be the ones to do it? Only time will tell...