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26th Nov 2017

Dublin is set to lose its Stormzy mural over planning permission dispute

Should it be left up?

Carl Kinsella

Subset, the group responsible for the Stormzy mural just off Smithfield Square in Dublin, has revealed that they’ve been told to remove it.

Having been instructed by Dublin City Council that the mural will be removed as proper planning permission was not sought, the group has staged a protest of their own — partially painting over the original work of art with a council painter making the wall grey.

It’s a theme that the collective have pursued elsewhere in Dublin. Just this week, they painted this mural on the side of Hangar.

The Stormzy mural has become an artistic staple of Dublin in the time that it’s been up and people regularly enjoy stopping to take photos with it… Many have complained on Twitter at the prospect of its removal.

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