Dustin The Turkey issues response to Niall Horan fans 2 years ago

Dustin The Turkey issues response to Niall Horan fans

2020 has been a wild ride.

If someone had told me earlier this week that - in some bizarre turn of events - Niall Horan may have to issue a statement to defend Dustin the Turkey from rabid 'stans'... well judging how 2020 is going so far, I probably would have believed you.


OK, to bring you up to speed.

The controversy stems from RTÉ's comic relief on Friday night, which saw Niall Horan performing over video-link for the old-school Den team, including Ray D'Arcy, Zig and Zag and Dustin the Turkey.

As part of the act, Dustin interrupted Niall mid-performance and said that he preferred Horan's former bandmate Harry Styles.

A clip of the segment has been shared online, and has drawn the ire of Niall Horan stans. As we helpfully pointed out yesterday, the term 'stans,' just means hardcore, online fans who behave in a way reminiscent of the eponymous Stan from the Eminem song 'Stan.'


The fans vented their fury that Niall had been disrespected and no amount of explaining was going to convince them otherwise.

It seems Dustin The Turkey noticed the attention that's being directed at him from the online mob and decided to address it head on.


Taking to Twitter, Dustin wrote that he's a lover not a fighter and he loves Americans, Niall Horan and the craic.

We're not sure if this will be enough to appease the fans who want Dustin cancelled, but it's a start.


Niall Horan, we need you to broker a peace deal between the parties.