Eminem has produced a rap battle movie, and the early reviews are phenomenally good 4 years ago

Eminem has produced a rap battle movie, and the early reviews are phenomenally good

Shady's back.

8 Mile still stands as one of the greatest ever films about hip-hop, and music in general. Despite it being his first proper acting role, Eminem gave an incredible performance as a struggling MC trying to make it in Detroit’s battle rap scene (admittedly, he was mostly playing a younger version of himself, but that didn’t make it any less special).


Despite the accolades he received for the film, Eminem has mostly stayed away from film since then. He made memorable cameos in Funny People and The Interview, and was reportedly going to star in Southpaw until Jake Gyllenhaal took the lead in the boxing film – but that’s basically it.

But the new film Bodied could be the 8 Mile follow-up we’ve been waiting for. He has only produced Bodied, but plot-wise it sounds extremely Slim Shady. Reportedly a vicious satire that pulls no punches, it’s about a geeky white kid who enters the rap battle world, and eventually unleashes some very controversial lyrics.

Watch the first trailer:

The film had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, and have received amazing reviews, calling it both hilarious and timely.



It’s directed by Joseph Khan, the music video director behind everything from Britney Spear’s ‘Toxic’ to 50 Cent’s ‘Ayo Technology’ (and several Eminem videos), and has an unusual cast including hip-hop names like Charlamange The God and even 80s icon Anthony Michael Hall.

There’s no word on a UK release date yet for Bodied, but expect it sometime in 2018.