Dave Grohl tells incredible story of Foo Fighters' biblical 2015 Slane gig 1 year ago

Dave Grohl tells incredible story of Foo Fighters' biblical 2015 Slane gig

'That doesn't happen too often. It was f*ckin' crazy!'

We probably don't need to tell you this, but in terms of generalities, Ireland loves the Foo Fighters, and the Foo Fighters love Ireland.


They have performed some incredible gigs here over the years, and frontman Dave Grohl has previously spoken about how a trip around Ireland inspired him to form the band.

So Irish fans of the band will most likely be heading to the cinemas this weekend to check out new comedy-horror Studio 666, which involves the musicians attempting to record their new album in what turns out to be a haunted mansion.

Ahead of the movie's release, JOE caught up with Dave Grohl and Nate Mendel to chat about their new movie, and you can watch that interview in full right here:


During the chat, we had to ask them about the absolutely biblical gig that took place in Slane in 2015, a concert so good that it is usually mentioned as one of the very best performances ever to take place in Ireland.

So we asked the band members if they had particular memories of that gig, and Grohl told us: "I do remember dragging the fellas out into the rain so that they could feel it with the audience. Because if that were to happen in the States, everyone would run to their Teslas and go straight home, y'know?

"In Ireland, I think that it is a bit more cause for celebration, because when the skies open up like that, you're going up against Mother Nature, so it almost becomes-"

Mendel adds: "It is a badge of honour."


Grohl continues: "Yeah, or a battle of wills, where you're like 'I'm fucking staying right here for this whole god-damned fucking show!' So I do remember that, it was fucking crazy. That doesn't happen too often, y'know? It is very Irish!"

Of course, while we were chatting, we had to mention the INCREDIBLE use of their song 'My Hero' over that legendary opening scene from The Other Guys with The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.

When we say that their track was used to perfection during that sequence and asked for their thoughts on it, Grohl and Mendel share a look of confusion, before Grohl laughingly admits: "I hate to sound like a jaded rock star, but I've no fucking clue what you're talking about right now!"

Dave and Nate, if you're reading (and for anyone else who may not have seen it yet), you check out that infamous scene right here.


Studio 666 arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday, 25 February.

Clip via Sony Pictures Ireland