Fyre Festival founder to tell his side of the story in terrible-sounding new book 4 years ago

Fyre Festival founder to tell his side of the story in terrible-sounding new book

With an exceptionally awful title.

You've seen the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary aka the first great horror of 2019 by now, right?


If not, get on that. It really is quite the compelling disaster.

If you have no idea what Fyre Festival was; just imagine a party for impressionable and annoying rich people that got wildly out of hand when it was revealed that those running it were committing high scale fraud.

That nobody died when a Lord of the Flies-style scenario broke out on a remote island is something of a miracle.

Instead, we all had a bit of a laugh about it.


Billy McFarland, supremo behind said festival who decided to just power on in the face of overwhelming advice to not go ahead with his dream, wasn't laughing in the end.

Currently serving six years in a medium security prison where he's apparently best mates with The Situation from Jersey Shore - yep - McFarland has a "comeback plan" in the works.

A New York Magazine report on said plan notes that a memoir is on the way, entitled Promythus: The God of Fyre, because of course it is.

Self-published and originally set to arrive last month, the book - if it does indeed surface - will tell McFarland's story from when he first launched a start-up in 2011 until the day a pair of handcuffs were placed upon his person.


In a piece of information that should surprise absolutely nobody, McFarland has admitted taking inspiration from Jordan Belfort, he of The Wolf of Wall Street fame.

The 27-year-old also pointed to underground celebrity poker mastermind Molly Bloom, who also had a film made about her in the form of Molly's Game.

So yeah, he probably expects a big screen adaptation of his own work.

And it'll likely happen, given the success of the Fyre documentaries - there's also a Hulu one - and the general public interest.