Ireland's Eurovision chances have received a major blow before the contest has even begun 5 years ago

Ireland's Eurovision chances have received a major blow before the contest has even begun

It looks like being nil points from Norway...

The Eurovision is just days away, and we wouldn't go as far as saying that we're looking forward to watching it for entertainment value, but we're strangely curious to see how we will fare this year.


It hasn't been a good few years in the Eurovision for Ireland, and we haven't tasted success since Eimear Quinn won it back in 1996. Although Marc Roberts came damn close the year after.

But it seems that Norway are very pessimistic about our chances in this year's competition according to their official countdown show to the Eurovision, Adresse Kiev.

Speaking on the show, Per Sundnes, the former head of the Norway delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest, said that Ireland have "lost it completely" when it comes to the Eurovision.

In a segment where they rank all the songs at this year's Eurovision, he awarded Ireland's entry 'Dying to Try' by Brendan Murray the lowest rank of one point. The only country to receive such a low rating.


This may seem insignificant to most people, after all, who cares what some random Norway fella thinks of Ireland's entry?

But, Sundnes has also been appointed a member of the official Norwegian jury for this year's Eurovision Song Contest, who will be in charge of choosing the points awarded to each country for Thursday's second semi-final, which Ireland will be competing in.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) as organisers of the event have put strong emphasis on each member of the official juries voting in fairness and "independently from the others."

However, questions have been raised whether Sundnes can vote fairly on the performances of the night when he already seems to have his mind made up on some countries.