Janet Jackson mocked for photoshopping herself higher on Glastonbury poster 1 year ago

Janet Jackson mocked for photoshopping herself higher on Glastonbury poster

Oh Janet, you didn't need to do that.

Imagine being fifth billing for Glastonbury, the biggest festival in the United Kingdom? It would be pretty great, wouldn't it? Even if you were a very famous person already, it would still be pretty cool. You definitely wouldn't go and edit yourself higher up the billing like a strange person. Unless you are Janet Jackson, that is.


Jackson, singer of classics such as 'All For You' and 'Nasty', is set to appear at Glastonbury, which runs from June 26 to June 30, and on the original poster was sitting in fifth billing at the top line. A solid place.

Ahead of her were The Killers, The Cure, Stormzy and Kylie Minogue, all solid acts, I'm sure you'll agree. The kind of acts you wouldn't mind being fifth behind. Unless you are Janet Jackson, that is.

I say all of this because on Monday, Jackson took to Twitter to proclaim her excitement at playing the festival, saying: "Can’t wait to see you" and adding a number relevant hashtags.


People, eagled-eyed as they are, were quick to notice that something was afoot. Editing had taken place and Jackson was the beneficiary. Because you see, on her version of the poster she appears top billing, ahead of the four which had previously kept her in fifth.

To be honest, it's a minor change but it's also quite revealing of Jackson. Did she spend a portion of her evening wiling away on Photoshop trying to get it just right? Or did she just get one of her assistants to do it?

Either way, people found it funny and she was roundly mocked for it. All in all, probably deserved.