JOE's Song Of The Day #821 - Carlo Magliocco 'Mark the Map' 7 months ago

JOE's Song Of The Day #821 - Carlo Magliocco 'Mark the Map'

There's a Simpsons joke in here somewhere.

With great viral power comes great responsibility.

That's what Drogheda-born, Dublin-based Irish/Italian singer-songwriter and die-hard Soundgarden fan Carlo Magliocco learned over a brief, frenzied Simpsons-fuelled period this summer.

Having tweeted out the following:

Magliocco's mentions duly exploded, with thousands and thousands of Simpsons enthusiasts around the world getting involved, including some people who worked on the show itself.

"That was kind of hilarious," he laughs.

"That question is the continuation of a conversation my friends and I have been having since college. I tweeted it out hoping for a few more ideas for the next time we went for a pint and then it just went insane.

"The sweetest was a guy who emailed me from a recovery room in hospital who'd just had a transplant and had spent an hour reading through the list and laughing to himself. The guy had a Stonecutters Tattoo!"

As Magliocco notes, it really was great timing as he'd just uploaded debut album Calendar to Spotify, and thus he got to do the whole, 'Hey I've gone viral, check my stuff out' thing.

A combination of that and the music being really very good means that Carlo gets an even greater honour than Twitter fame - he's JOE's Song Of The Day on this day.

Check out the soothing, beautiful, maze-like 'Mark the Map' below.