JOE's Song Of The Day #824 - MYFAULT 'Bloom' 3 months ago

JOE's Song Of The Day #824 - MYFAULT 'Bloom'

A personal triumph.

MYFAULT is the musical project of Dublin-based producer Adam Shanahan, who has previously helped the likes of Nealo, Tebi Rex and The Blizzards sound as big as possible.

He's a prolific soul, is Shanahan, and thankfully there's time for his own work.

New single 'Bloom' represents a personal statement in the form of a layered, patient instrumental that opens up accordingly as the seconds pass.

"'Bloom' reflects a year’s experience of the challenges of relationships, friendships and mental wellness and how we balance these with our personal vocations," says Shanahan.

"Sometimes it might seem like a struggle and I may feel like it’s getting on top of me but eventually that burst of energy comes to push through that emotional glass ceiling that can at times feel like an immovable object."

Check it out below.