JOE's Classic Song of the Day: Talk Talk - It's My Life 7 years ago

JOE's Classic Song of the Day: Talk Talk - It's My Life

The original was the best.

We go back to the 1980s and to London, where a band called Talk Talk came up with this absolute gem.


Artist, album and year: Talk Talk, It's My Life, 1984

This song was the title track first released from their album in 1984, and reissued a couple of times in the following years when people started to realise how good a tune it was.

It's a song which has featured on Grand Theft Auto: Vice Stories and was also covered by No Doubt where it was a massive global success for them. To us, though, the original is and always will be the better version.

Mixing synthesizers with real instruments, Talk Talk fashioned a sound which many likened to Roxy Music. Lead singer Mark Hollis had the greatest ears in music and plays a blinder on this track.


Every sinew is strained as he puts everything into this performance and when you have the synths, guitars and drums in perfect harmony, it results in a brilliant pop song which still stands the test of time.

Did You Know? The song was re-released on another two occasions after its original release in 1984.

The lyrical hook: 'It's my life! Don't you forget! It's my life! It never ends!'


Video via emimusic