JOE’s Song Of The Day #567: Paul Alwright – ‘Seeds Of Doubt’ 9 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #567: Paul Alwright – ‘Seeds Of Doubt’

Paul Alwright is a familiar face on the Irish hip-hop scene.

Musician and actor Paul Alwright released three albums under the name Lethal Dialect. Recently he shed the moniker and is releasing his forthcoming album 'Hungry' in May under his own name, citing a change in artistic direction.

The man from Cabra in Dublin is back with a bang and has a new album ready for release in May. The album is called 'Hungry' and it features some big name collaborations. Guest musicians on the album include Lia Wright, Nic Hegarty, Maverick Sabre and Damien Dempsey.

'Seeds of Doubt' is the first track from the new album and we love it. Paul told us that it's a song which 'is about conquering your own mind really.' Even though the second verse sounds like he is responding to the scathing criticism in the first verse, it's really about the criticism in his own head. 'Our internal monologues are often our own worst enemy', he muses.

'When we overcome that, there is nothing really that can be said externally that can affect us.'

Wise words from a man who seems in control of his own destiny.

Paul has recently dabbled in some acting and starred in one of the biggest Irish films in years, the critically acclaimed 'Cardboard Gangsters'.

Paul Alwright

He has also been signed on to star in the upcoming Irish feature film 'Rosie' directed by Paddy Breathnach & written by Roddy Doyle.

This new song will be available on 9 March and the new album, 'Hungry' is set for release on 11 May.