JOE’s Song Of The Day #908 – Fruitz ‘Set The Motion’ 2 years ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #908 – Fruitz ‘Set The Motion’

Fruitz release the 2nd single from their upcoming debut EP.

We love Fruitz and their cool vibrant indie sound with jangling guitars, catchy melodies and snapping beat, but this is a little different.


A little step away from their normal vibe which isn't a bad thing.

“The song was a product of the first lockdown, I didn’t plan to stray from our sound or anything like that, it just felt right," frontman James Keegan said.

"It is a shot in the dark for us but I feel as a songwriter it’s very refreshing to do a song that’s not what people are going to expect from us.”

It's a great track and cements them as one of the best new bands in Ireland today.


You can check out more about the band via their social channels below: