John Lennon's sunglasses sell for £137,000 3 years ago

John Lennon's sunglasses sell for £137,000

Lennon left them in the back of Ringo Starr's car in 1968.

A pair of John Lennon's sunglasses have been sold for £137,000 at an auction in London.


The Beatles star left his round-rimmed glasses in the back of Ringo Starr's Mercedes in the summer of 1968.

According to the BBC, former chauffeur Alan Herring said that he noticed at the time that they were damaged. He asked Lennon if he wanted him to get them fixed, but Lennon said not to bother.

Herring sold them at an auction on Friday for a total of £137,000 to an unnamed bidder.

Although we're fairly confident that bidder won't remain unnamed forever. Why buy sunglasses for £137,000 if you're not going to show them off at every opportunity?


The sale included other Beatles' memorabilia, including a necklace with cowbells worn by George Harrison, which sold for £10,000.

"For my family's sake, it makes sense for me to say goodbye to my collection now while I can still tell all the stories behind everything," Herring said.

So maybe take a look around your house, those shades you bought in the airport on the way to Spain in 2008 could be worth a fortune one day...