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28th Jan 2024

Johnny Logan firmly on one side of debate over Ireland’s 2024 Eurovision entry

Simon Kelly

Eurovision Johnny Logan (1)

“This one I think has a really good chance”

Johnny Logan has spoken out on Ireland’s entry for the 2024 Eurovision song contest, saying that he thinks it “has a really good chance” of winning.

The two-time Eurovision winner has praised Bambie Thug’s ‘Doomsday Blue’ after it was announced the winner of Eurosong on Friday night’s Late Late Show special.

Despite its win, the song from the Cork-born musician has been hugely divisive due to their completely new approach on the traditional Irish entry.

Johnny Logan has his say on Ireland’s 2024 Eurovision song

However, if there’s one man that knows a good Eurovision song when he hears one, its the king of the competition himself.

Speaking to the Sunday World, Logan said: “It’s probably the best and most original entry that Ireland has had for as long as I can remember.

“I think it’s a very good choice and it will definitely get attention. What I saw last night is that it was eye-catching and different.

“The people who were watching obviously related to it and that’s why it was chosen.

“If it doesn’t end up doing really well at Eurovision I will be quite surprised. I’ve always hoped that the Irish songs would do well over the last few years, but I never really felt that they would. This one I think has a really good chance. It just depends on the make up of the jury and the other songs that are in the contest.”

Bambie Thug was chosen as the winner by a combination of national jury, international jury and public vote, beating out the likes of Ailsha, Erica-Cody, Isabella Kearney, JyellowL and Next in Line.

The song consists of a mix of metal, pop, goth and acoustic elements and is certainly far and away the most unique entry we’ve chosen to represent the country.

In a statement just after the show, Bambie Thug said: “I feel incredible… as a lyricist you’d think I’d have more to say but I’m speechless.

“I’m so excited and I promise I’m going to do you so proud.”

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