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29th Jan 2024

‘Remember I am a human too’ – Irish Eurovision star hits back at online hate

Simon Kelly

Bambie Thug online hate

“Your words and warped views cannot hurt me.”

Ireland’s Eurovision star for 2024, Bambie Thug, has hit back at online hate, telling naysayers to “remember I am human too”.

The goth-pop act, whose song ‘Doomsday Blue’ won out on Friday’s Eurosong competition, has received divisive reception since they were announced to represent Ireland in Malmo.

The Macroom, Co. Cork native, who is is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, says they “have gone through so much trauma” but continues to fight on in the face of online vitriol.

‘Remember I am a human too’: Irish Eurovision star hits back at online hate

In a statement on social media, Bambie Thug said, “I have gone through so much trauma and still show up with love after every obstacle and hard time. I have always been a phoenix and your words and warped views cannot hurt me.”

“If my expression of art moves you to hate and anger then you are who I send the most love to. If you don’t want to be part of the Haus Of Thug you are not obligated to come on this journey with me,” they said.

“But do yourself a favour and don’t waste your life hung up [on] hate, internalised homophobia, misogyny, transphobia and self-hate. Practice self-compassion and perhaps you will learn to live in love.”

They added: “Don’t be mad because I haven’t forgotten the art of play, fun and creation and you have.”

Speaking to the Sunday World, after ‘Doomsday Blue’ ran out successful on Friday, two-time Eurovision winner Johnny Logan said it was “probably the best and most original entry that Ireland has had for as long as I can remember” adding that he would be “quite surprised” if it didn’t do well at the competition.

‘Doomsday Blue’ is currently top of the Viral 50: Ireland charts on Spotify.

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