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21st Apr 2019

Justin Bieber claims to be “60% Irish” in Instagram post

Rudi Kinsella

Justin Bieber Irish

Good news everyone, Justin Bieber is Irish.

Irish celebrities get a bit of a rough time in the media, don’t they?

Sure, for the most part they’re adored, but they regularly have to put up with being referred to as “British”, and that has to take its toll.

Mostly it’s the British media as well, claiming our finest stars. We’re used to it at this point. And it doesn’t even bother us. Nope. Not a bit.

But on the other end of the spectrum, we do get a lot of non-Irish celebrities, claiming to be Irish, or claiming to have ancestors who hail from Ireland.

Some we’re happy with, some not so much.

And we can only imagine there’s going to be a bit of a mixed reaction to this one.

Pop superstar Justin Bieber has taken to Instagram to let his millions of fans know that he’s “like 60% Irish”.

Following a picture of his dad drinking Conor McGregor’s whiskey, the Canadian star also posted a “shoutout Ireland” message.

Take a look:

Justin Bieber Irish

So that’s that then. He’ll be in Coppers in no time.

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