Justin Bieber has singled out one Irish pub in particular for praise 4 years ago

Justin Bieber has singled out one Irish pub in particular for praise

We never knew he cared.

Justin Bieber may have received mixed reviews for his two 3Arena concerts in Dublin earlier this week but it didn't stop him from saying some lovely things about his time here.


He's back in Canada now and has paid a huge compliment to a Dublin pub that he visited while he was here. He went home telling people that they had delicious pints.

Bieber was speaking to a bar tender, Dale McDermott, over in Canada about his time in Ireland. Dale told JOE:

"I was working in my bar in downtown Toronto last night and I was just standing at the front entrance waiting for customers to come in. This guy walks in on his own and I welcome him. I then realise that it's Justin Bieber.
"He sits beside where I'm standing, orders a drink and he talked to me for a good while. We talked about Ireland and he said he had a great time and that the pints in O'Donoghue's pub were delicious. I have to say a pretty nice guy from my experience. Wished me luck with everything over here. A fairly random thing to happen!
"Just a nice random event that I thought might be of interest to you considering he was I concern earlier this week. I was shocked when he came in and asked for a seat on his own."
He also sent some pictures.