Pics: A ridiculously young Blur playing at an Irish wedding back in 1990 5 years ago

Pics: A ridiculously young Blur playing at an Irish wedding back in 1990

Pictures have emerged from Dublin in 1990 and the only time Blur ever performed at a wedding.

The Irish Sun have shared images from the wedding of journalists Jane Suiter and Leo Finlay at King's Inns on Henrietta Street in the Irish capital.


Finlay, who died tragically five years after the wedding, is credited with discovering the band and was even asked by Damon Albarn to become their manager.


Bassist Alex James said: “This was the only wedding Blur ever played. There won’t ever be another. When Leo told us, he was getting married and wanted us to play his wedding, we said ‘definitely’."


Leo discovered a band called Seymour in London in 1989 and his wife Jane recalls how he was "immediately hooked" by them.

James added: "Back then even our girlfriends thought we were rubbish. I think we all got beaten up after that first gig by one of the support bands, Graham (Coxon) had to go to hospital.

"The only good thing that Leo turning up at the side of stage, waving and grinning and telling how good we were. He gave us a great review. Leo Finlay was the very first person to like Blur."


The group asked Leo to become their manager but he advised them to find someone more experienced, while he also suggested they change their name to Blur.

Leo died from a heart attack at the age of 32 in 1995.

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