The Late Late trad session with John Sheahan for his 80th birthday was belting 1 year ago

The Late Late trad session with John Sheahan for his 80th birthday was belting

The Auld Triangle was fantastic. Great for anyone that loves trad and The Dubliners.

To celebrate his 80th birthday, musician John Sheahan was interviewed by Ryan Tubridy about his stellar career but he wasn't alone as Declan O’Rourke, Damien Dempsey, Ralph McTell, Phelim Drew and many more came along for the craic.


Four over five decades, Sheahan has been an integral part of The Dubliners, however, he's something of a renaissance man too.

Fiddle player, composer, poet, wood carver, Sheahan is a man of many talents but during the most recent Late Late Show, he treated audiences to an example of what he does best.

Aside from this work in The Dubliners, Sheahan has also contributed as a guest artist on several albums. The talented musician has also worked with the likes of Sinead O'Connor, André Rieu, U2, The Pogues, and countless others.

Along with his friends, the group performed a trad session mock-up pub that was complete with a round of pints.

Aside from the cracking music, there was a lovely personal touch as Sheahan's daughter came on stage with his newborn granddaughter.

To complete the evening, Tubridy then read out a lovely birthday message from President Higgins to the beloved musician.

You catch up with what happened in the clips below.


Here's Declan O'Rourke performing 'The Auld Triangle' with a verse from the man of the night, John Sheahan.

Damien Dempsey had a well deserved drink after a wonderful performance of 'Rocky Road to Dublin' in celebration of Sheahan's 80th birthday.

Here's the groups version of 'The Three Sea Captains and The Marino Waltz'.


Ralph McTell also gave a cracking version of 'Streets of London' in celebration of Sheahan's big night.

We'll let the man of the hour have the last word though as he talks about the day he packed in his good job to be a full time Dubliner.


All clips via The Late Late Show